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#37 The Liberal destruction of America


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Library brings drag queens, kids together for story hour.  It takes a certain something to be a good storyteller: enthusiasm, timing and a flair for the dramatic.  Performers at a children's story hour at a New York City library have all that and then some — they're drag queens.
The Left Might Be Literally Crazy.  Given the tendencies of these people, it starts to become obvious why the country was in the shape it was in (increasing national security threats, unemployment rate at 4.7% as of May 2016, underemployment rate at 13.7%, internal civil discord resembling the 1960s) after 8 years of their intellectual leader, Barack Obama.  These people exhibit not only bad leadership skills but their behavior is tinged with what appears to be clinical mania.  They were having a seriously hard time holding it together.  So much so, that the election of a one-time reality TV star begins to look sane and reasonable by comparison.
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