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Kamala Harris Embarrasses Herself on Twitter Again Attacking Tax Bill


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She tried to tie Trump into it, but including a picture of him, and his private jet.  

And the ignorant bitch hasn't even deleted the stupid tweet.   rolling.gif




Except there’s only one problem — the “private jet tax break” was inserted by none other than her Democratic colleague, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio:

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2 hours ago, Craig234 said:

Kamala Harris, one of the greatest Senators and rightly attacking the tax scam.


Desperate democRat shill.





Currently, the federal government imposes an excise tax on every flight an aircraft makes. Under the Republican tax legislation, costs for maintenance and other support activities for privately-operated planes would be exempt from the excise tax. Here's what that exempts, per the Joint Committee on Taxation's description of the provision:

"Applicable services include support activities related to the aircraft itself, such as its storage, maintenance, and fueling, and those related to its operation, such as the hiring and training of pilots and crew, as well as administrative services such as scheduling, flight planning, weather forecasting, obtaining insurance, and establishing and complying with safety standards."

According to a 2016 letter from the JCT, the exemption would lose less than $500,000 in revenue over 10 years.



$500k over 10 years?


Did I read that right?


That would mean the desperate democRat shills are whining about $50k a year.


How many gang banger tattoo removals or mani-pedi's for her Highness would that be???


The Senate should be appalled.



"The Senate should be replaced by the 28th Amdt."






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