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Wanna Buy Some Seaside Property??

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7 minutes ago, benson13 said:

ya gotta remember.....with Hillbilly LandSlide (3-Votes) LOSER.....Up is down!!


Kinda like his party thats given us all the Record Debt....they call themselves the ""conservatives""

funny how your social reality the core is up looking down on everything thinking out of the box.  Which side are you on? there are 8 to choose from.

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12 minutes ago, neue regel said:

Yes yes.....I suggest anyone with beach property dispose of it in a fire sale....post haste!


especially one of the NC beaches. Preferably Oak Island. 

I am inland 3 miles..I may be sitting on a future goldmine :D


You say beach to these Cons and they think sand erosion..:blink:

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13 minutes ago, benson13 said:

sole Junkie....surprised you can even spell 'reality' as stoned up as you get everyday

I think beyond programmed beliefs instinctively and you cannot comprehend sober explanations of self evident results while simultaneously self contained to the moment here and your interpretation of how life should exist in theory, theology, quantum entanglement of denial practiced within one species globally and ancestrally.

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1 minute ago, Middl3 said:

Don't get too excited sole...no one cares what you are trying to say hence the STFU :)

as you practicing social engineers of staging reality as designed in theory and spirit real doesn't count, no response is not caring, stfu is a statement I have exposed something your ideology wants kept society's eternal secret.

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20 hours ago, Golfboy said:

These idiots have been making predictions about Goebbel Warming for decades.   Not ONE of them has come true, but now we're suppose to believe them?





August 22, 2016


Louisiana, August 2016: I’m going home to see if I have a home”.


Ellicot City, Maryland, July 2016: Oh my god. There’s people in the water”.


West Virginia, June 2016: 23 dead, thousands homeless after devastating flood”.



"What do these events (and 5 more since April 2015) have in common? They were all considered very low probability...."







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