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As if the world doesn't have enough problems ...

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The Black Death has claimed 165 lives on the Africa island since the outbreak which has infected around 2,000 people.


Infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison said: “This disease is extremely rare, it doesn’t get exposed to antibiotics that often.


“That means it’s more resistant to antibiotics and the risk of death is higher.”


The airborne disease has devastated Madagascar as it spreads quickly through the population.


Dr Avison, of the University of Bristol, has called on the authorities to ensure antibiotics are handed out quickly in order to increase the chances of containing the outbreak.


Claiming that if they act fast enough the Black Death can “still be treated”.


However, a failure to act quickly could lead to the worst outbreak in 50 years with a risk of it spreading to other continents, Dr Avison warned.


Europe and the United States could be in the firing line if the disease is not contained.


Dr Avison said: “It’s starting to be a big problem.


“The worrying thing is it’s going to spread to other countries if not properly contained. There is evidence that is happening already.




Scary ...


But I do question the statement that the disease is more resistant to antibiotics because it doesn't get exposed to antibiotics that often.


Isn't that contrary to what we've told the effect of antibiotics is on diseases?

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