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Father with Gun stops Daughter's Kidnapping and Home Invasion Robbery

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4 hours ago, Scout said:

30,000+ annual gun deaths in this country.  Glad ONE got away and ONLY 30,000+ died


Mass Murdering Automobiles


- They are registered.

- They are licensed.

- They are regulated by the Government.

- Owners are trained.

- Owners are licensed.

- Owners are regulated by the Government.


...and still, automobiles commit mass murder.


30,000 Americans this Year...





- The leading cause of death among young people ages 15-29, and the second leading cause of death worldwide among young people ages 5-14.


- Over 1,600 children under 15 years of age die each year.






So, there is only one option left to guarantee the safety and protection of Citizens...


Automobile confiscation.


Your Government will still have them... but you will not.


You don't really need one, anyway, car-nuts... you can walk or ride a bicycle...

Billions of people on this planet do every day. Or use public transportation.


Because, you don't have one of THESE for your car, do you?


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