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Republicans Didn't Always Suck

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Besides the Cons and Alt-Righties here being incredibly stupid, they are equally ignorant. They probably don't know that Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican. I could post quotes by Republicans even George Bush that these alt right shit heads would call socialist or liberal. They would get their panties in a bunch if they knew Reagan said such as, 

For one, we very much need in any immigration bill - we need protection for people who are in this country and who have not become citizens, for example, that they are protected and legitimized and given permanent residency here. And we want to see some things of that kind added to the immigration bill.


The GOP sucks mostly because of its base. We can easily kick the shit out of Trump and his dolts but we need to kick the shit out of his supporters. These assholes are calling real actual conservatives RINOS. As result of the depravity of the GOP base Republican politicians were forced to follow suit. In 2008 the turned on McCain for saying Obama was a good family man and not a Muslim. The ugliness of the GOP base does make the few honorable issue oriented Republicans sick to their stomachs. Joe Scarborough quit the GOP and so did George Will.


The GOP is like a rotten apple that has a few small sections that have not rotted yet. When you cut out the rot, there is not much left.




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1 minute ago, Five By Five said:

Republicans were liberal and Democrats were conservatives.. at some point.. and I think it was the 1912 election.. the poles shifted



It took a lot more than "a point" in time. Teddy Roosevelt was "the last gasp" of liberalism in the G.O.P.  Then, following the Crash of 1929,  F.D. Roosevelt got the liberal ball rolling in the Democratic Party, with the culmination of the civil rights revolution in the 1960's,  as I detail in http://Great-Liberal-Insights.Org/civilrights.html .

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