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Took $1 Million From Charity, Removed From Office Twice For Violating Constitution, Accused Pedophile By Credible Witnesses. What Was This Mans Qualifications For The Senate Again?


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Moore does what all the cons do. He feeds the resentful con base lots and lots and lots of HATRED.


That's why they love him. that's why they don't care what crimes he commits, even if he rapes little girls. As long as he keeps the HATRED against other people coming, they will worship him and and lie to protect him.

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2 hours ago, theLion said:

He's a republican in Alabama. That's all it takes - and he's what Alabamans admire. 

The old saying is that the Catholics behave because they are afraid God is watching. Southern Baptists, on the other hand, are afraid that other Southern Baptists  will see them. It sort of explains why they hold conventions in Las Vegas more often than in Birmingham.

I don't think all that many Alabamians, women in particular admire Moore for messing with teenage girls. If his name is printed on the ballot, we will  know this. Apparently McConnell thinks he might lose a Republican vote.

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