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This Dirtball Talks Alotta Smack


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For A Guy Who Banged His Co-Worker Behind His Wife’s Back, This Dirtball Talks Alotta Smack

November 10, 2017| by V. Saxena


And he’s almost always dead wrong.


After President Donald Trump refused to take questions from reporters during a press conference in China this week, leftists flipped out, claiming that the president’s refusal was an unprecedented violation of the First Amendment.


Among the whiny turds who fretted over the president’s otherwise completely unexceptional decision was Joe Scarborough, the co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” which he hosts alongside a transgender something he’s been banging for years — possibly even behind their respective former spouses’ backs.


Joe’s a flaming idiot, as well as an embarrassment to all real men in America.


As noted by Axios, a news website ran by his buddy Mike Allen, when then-President Barack Obama visited China in 2009, he held a joint press conference with then-Chinese President Hu Jintao during which “no questions were taken from reporters.”


While there’s no way to confirm it, I suspect with great confidence Scarborough said absolutely nothing when this occurred.

I base this supposition on Scarborough’s history of sucking male genitalia — be it Obama’s genitalia or the genitalia of his transgender and possibly transpecies fiance.


To be clear, I’m being facetious (or is it sarcastic?) because I despise Hoity and Toity. They sit perched on their thrones at MSNBC casting nonstop judgment at the world — and in the most haughty manner, I might add — while acting innocent as butterflies.


But they certainly aren’t butterflies, though the argument could be made Mika is a butterface. As for Scarborough, he’s just a pompous Asshole.

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