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Roy Moore HIT JOB !! Typical Democrat playbook stuff... CAN NOT be allowed to be successful !!

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If Roy Moore is guilty, then that can be addressed after the election... HOWEVER, to let this kind of partisan HIT JOB to affect the election is Republicans being MANIPULATED by either the Liberal Democrats, OR the "establishment" RINOS... and being successfully manipulated by EITHER would be UNFORGIVABLE !!


First, "Innocent until PROVEN guilty" is a credo we live by... CONVICTING Roy Moore of something he denies, WITHOUT evidence, and which comes out a few weeks before an election... is TYPICAL MANIPULATION politics.. THIS will continue as LONG as it is successful.  BUT, if the electorate IGNORES the hit job, VOTES as they WOULD have, and allows the Legal process to work... If Roy Moore is guilty,he will be proven so... and we can deal with that AFTER the election...


AND, it will deny the Democrat and/or RINO "establishment" a SUCCESSFUL MANIPULATION of the voters... and in time END this PRACTICE of HIT JOB, SMEAR Politics... WITHOUT PROOF of ANY GUILT !!


In THIS case, BOTH Democrats and RINO's are GUILTY... THEY need to be STOPPED !!

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