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One Word That Best Describes Trump and His Supporters

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31 minutes ago, LaughinAtLefty said:


I'm figuring if you can sell uranium for profit to our primary modern day adversary - the odds are better than equal he'll be sticking around.

Hmm, please tell me more. Who sold uranium for profit to a modern day adversary? Are you saying the Tramp has been selling uranium?

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Assholes, Traitors and Deplorables.


 62,979,636 Americans , your neighbors, friends and compatriots are now reduced to scum by Liberals who call themselves Patriots.

They want a civil war.

I know the idiot that started this thread does and he has advocated genocide .

And not 1 of you Liberals has condemned him.

In fact many have agreed.

So is Liberalism dead and has it been replaced by leftist anarchists like the idiot who started this thread?






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