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The Russian Trolls And Their Useful Idiots

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I doubt if the scope of the Russian disinformation campaign is fully known. Maybe the security agencies know and maybe they don't. Russia, then the Soviet Union and then Russia again relied on propaganda to avoid collapse. Russians are not good at many things but they are experts in disinformation. Our security agencies are powerful but I have to wonder if the have the sheer manpower to combat the massive Russian troll armies. Should we join the fight? I think we should but I think it is important to know the enemy and know his tactics and strategies. The Russian trolls are decently trained but mostly they rely on sheer volume. They, along with voting machine hacking helped Treasonous Trump steal an election.


I don't know the number the traffic stats for LF. Right now I am kicking the snot out of trolls mostly for my amusement but I want to be more effective. I have studied troll tactics and I am usually a few steps ahead of them. They are fairly predictable. 




What should owners of forums like this be doing? Should they report what they suspect is enemy propaganda? Russians are probably using sophisticated IP blocking technology but I suspect that American agencies have cracked it.  While LF is not Facebook or Twitter I would guess that some of those trolls are here. 


I have a couple political/news sites that I post on and in the last 18 months about 35% of the traffic has come from Russia. Before that most of the traffic came from the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany. Traffic from Russia was rare until Trump. Some days there is more traffic from Russia than the US. 




I think that the majority of trolls here are subversives and not your usual asshole troll. Banning them puts things on a slippery slope when it comes to free speech but lying and spreading lie is not protected speech. There are consequences for lying and spreading propaganda damaging to the US. The litany of lies against Hillary Clinton was a well orchestrated propaganda hit job that seriously damaged our country. 


For the life of me, I don't know why some speech is banned while lies are not banned. Is there any other form of speech worse than lying? If so, what is it. Should the liars and the lie spreaders be allowed to post on social media? If so, why? Why do we tolerate lies?  Why?


By law, a company cannot lie about a product and broadcasters can lose their licenses with they knowingly run dishonest advertising. Can anyone tell me why dishonest political ads are allowed? Does anyone know why Trump can constantly violate Twitter TOS and not be banned?


If you have some good ideas and fighting trolls PM me and other liberal members. Don't divulge it here. I have a pretty good idea about Antifa's tactics and strategies but I would not discuss them or even speculate about them in public as I want the enemy to remain in the dark. 


I was able to bait a few of the Nazis here and lure them out. 




We are smarter than they are by an average of 11 IQ points so we can win this war. We are more creative but they are better organized. 


I have a lot of ideas that I think will be effective but I won't discuss them here.  I am not only talking about what to do on LF. It you have do Twitter or Facebook put it to work for battling the alt-right.  




There are no rules and if there were, they would't follow them. While we respect the rule of law, the cons hate laws and the very idea of government. They hate civilization. They hate enlightenment, progress, multiculturalism, and science. Know your enemy better than he knows himself. Learn about the con brain and mind. Systematically pick them apart like a fast boxer busting up a lumbering sluggard.


Fight for America and democracy!





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