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Not a social disease, a good ideal. Imagine a good ideal. Find a way to impregnate good ideals. 

Taxation at one time was thought to be evil when it was passed down by a king or some royalty. 

Don't tax my people leaving them to waste.Whose people.What peoples. 

Who do you wish to impregnate? Impregnate all the men and women alike with rich ideals. 

I wish for a mountain of rich ideals. A valley below of vast growing fields of good ideals  found below.

A full ocean holding all the continents in tow. The tectonic plates below, a shifting

someday Earth unearthed like the tempest in all the sorrows of men to one day 



No John, that just won't cut it as a political speech. WE have to come up with something more

clever. Lose the words impregnate, taxation, ideals, rich, and unearthed which sounds 

too trivial. 


"We are fucked! Our leaders Fucked up big time. They had shit for brains, or at least it seems like."

Now that I like. I like where you're heading with that first sentence. Let's start off with that. 

But Mr. President, a lot of church going people, actually a lot of non church going individuals might

see that kind of sarcasm as a touch too rash. 


Exactly! But sir, those very people include many of your supporters.

Well what the fuck John! Your Fired! 

But sir, I was only a volunteer who never was given any official job.



John, I'm sorry. It's just that you use the term, "social disease", with no mention of illegal immigrants. NO mention of what

would make America Great again. Did you see that shot... 

Nice shot, Mr Trump. 

Mr President John. 

Right sir!





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