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Why are conservatives so busy diddling little girls?...

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Just now, Five By Five said:

Everybodies sex acts are coming out of the wood work.. I am very curious if Weinstein and Epstein ran a young lady ring for willy and donny in the past



I really liked Kevin Spacey.. but now he is a pedophile.. shit happens




Thats some serious shit to say "shit happens" to.

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It a fact; most pedophiles are Republicans. You can prove it to yourself by Googling Republican Pedophiles and then Google Democrat Pedophiles. You will find 100's of convicted prominent Republican pedophiles and 5 Democrats and the Dems are not technically pedophile because they had consensual sex with teenage girls. The Republicans raped their own kids as well as toddlers. 


Republicans seem to love pedophiles as this article shows... http://biggerfatterpolitics.blogspot.com/2015/07/republicans-love-p...


The reasons Republicans are 100's of times more likely to rape kids probably goes to their fundamental Christian beliefs and dogma which leads to sexual repression. I also believe that Republican values attract people with sociopathic personalities and other dangerous personality disorders and other forms of criminal depravity such as pathological lying.


Donald Trump Is Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old. Why Haven't The ...


NAMBLA-138717010489.gifI am not saying that most Republicans are pedophiles but the evidence overwhelmingly indicates that most pedophiles are indeed Republicans. That being the case, I would like to see the word pedophile synonymous with the word Republican. One way to make that happen is to post threads like this on other forums. 


This is not a recent phenomenon. This goes back to at least the 80's when the neo cons and Christian right infested the Republican party. The mainstream media failed to report that there was a gay teen prostitution ring being operated out of the Reagan Whitehouse. Sources have implicated GHW Bush.


The media did go after the Catholic church and their pedophile priests who molest at the national average but I suspect that Republicans molest children more often than even Catholic priests. 





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