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Conspiracy Theorists Blame Texas Church Shooting On ‘Antifa’ After ‘Civil War’ Hype Falls Flat

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Many prominent conspiracy theory peddlers who inaccurately predicted a violent uprising from the left this weekend are now exploiting an unrelated mass shooting in a last-ditch effort to claim that they were right all along.


After the left-wing group Refuse Fascism announced plans to host demonstrations across the nation on November 4, right-wing pundits, even Fox News personalities, attributed the protests to ‘Antifa’ and issued hysterical warnings that the left was planning an uprising that would lead to national conflict reminiscent of the Civil War.


Some right-wing websites and commentators, including the White House press-credentialed news outlet Gateway Pundit, attempted to build hysteria by citing a comedian’s tweet mocking the exact fear mongering they were engaging in. The whole thing was debunked as a hoax, but that didn’t stop right-wing fever swamps from continuing to push claims that violent protests would erupt on Saturday.


Conspiracy theorists on the Right have repeatedly warned of an impending “civil war” being plotted by members of the left, but have repeatedly been proven wrong. Their immediate exploitation of the tragedy in Texas shows just how far they are willing to go in order to push this narrative.




Stupid fear mongering mor on righties









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