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Difference between Texas, and California...

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In California, a someone decides to shoot innocent people in an act of violence, they do the deed, then gets away as people COWER in fear... THEN has to be tracked down in a manhunt, HOURS or DAYS later...  In Texas, the locals get PISSED OFF, chase the SOB down, and the SOB is SHOT by a local Plumber who just "decided to HELP" !!


GOD I love Texas !!

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51 minutes ago, TrumpAllOpposition said:

The atheist libtard is one less revolutionary the leftists have.


The Liberal mentality of "eliminating" all guns is IDIOCY... Hundreds of millions of guns have been made around the world, and to expect that ALL of them can be eliminated is idiotic... That said, IF law abiding people are prevented from owning guns.. THEN, the criminals will STILL find ways to obtain them... AND, that will MULTIPLY the power given to the criminals...


There are SIMPLY NOT enough police to protect us all.. ESPECIALLY in the little towns like the one in Texas... and THAT is why average people can and WILL take action !!

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