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Tramp....Killer is White (again)....'its Evil'

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""Another Angry, deranged, white guy with a NRA approved assault rifle, what could possibly go wrong? Got a dishonorable discharge from the Navy and bought an assault rifle in Texas. Anyone surprised? Colorado Walmart shootings, 3 people slaughtered by who? Another angry white guy. Las Vegas and Stephen Paddock seems so long ago. Our NRA paid for Republican Congress and President Trump can't even bring a bill forward to ban bump stocks.. Disgusting. This is Republican America today, a country of mass shootings and murders on a weekly basis, all supported by the NRA""

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5 minutes ago, benson13 said:

your party ARMED THE SHIT out of the Muslims.....+ created Al-Qaeda & ISIS you Dumbshit



Thanks for that too....add that to the LIst of gop F Ups


Poor beanie.


He is obviously just TOOOOO FUCKING STUPID A SHITSTAIN to realize that ALL he spews is the same goddamn libTURD memes that he has been INDOCTINATED TO SPEW and has absolutely NO FOUNDATION IN FACTS OR TRUTH.


How does it feel to me THAT goddamn manipulated a fucking MORON there beanie???


Good?? Bad??? or you just are tooooo fucking DUMB to care???



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