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excerpt from something I wrote 7 years ago

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Mr. Trump, do you want to enjoy a landslide victory and shake up the political and media landscapes possibly like never before? The proletariat are restless and sick for a president who will make America and Americans his first priorities. Stay in that nationalistic vein, Mr. Trump, and see what happens.

When someone speaks as you do and it is perceived that you will, in fact, change the status quo, the whole establishment will seek to destroy you. I know you are one tough guy, so run and take that podium and give them hell for us. Candidates often promise us “change”, but it is all rhetorical and never defined. At 64 years old, there is one thing I learned about politics in these United States: when both sides of the aisle and the establishment endeavor to destroy a candidate, that is the candidate for whom to vote.

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