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Nearly 1 in 5 Millennials Consider Stalin and Kim Jong Un ‘Heroes’

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1 hour ago, rick55 said:

80/20 mix of a generation following intellectual choices hoping, believing, striving to prove now isn't physical Eternity over instinctive behavior. How does that match every other generation so far?


This is where Murphy's Law of 50/50 choice leads to 90% wrong decision is picked as a society of mind over matter behavior.

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10 minutes ago, fishhead said:

Horse manure. 4 out of 5 cons want to suck Putins pecker.

cow patties.  Is this based upon your own desires projected against anyone not playing along with your fantasy about being more biologically here than anything else simultaneously here as specifically spontaneously adapting to the same moment?

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1 minute ago, XavierOnassis said:

It really does not matter what Rick's sexual orientation is. This is an obviously stupid poll by some rightwing assembly of fanatical nitwits.


Suddenly who conducted a poll is important to you guys?

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5 minutes ago, harryramar said:

too funny, they know as little about communism and socialism as teabaggers know. well, maybe a little more.

teabaggers like socialism when it benefits them.

As reality suits you with permission to ignore actual life intellectually, morally, legally, ethically, socially.  Freedom from being only what you will remain as eternally separated now.


worlds of denial frame societies honoring God, Country, Community with character matters and genetic displacement doesn't count as much as believing anything else is possible.


Oh look the emperor of his reality has no clothes, just syllables of demanding rank in socially justified society of hypothetical values handed down generation after generation expecting different results . 


Recite Einstein's definition of insanity here.

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5 minutes ago, Scout said:

And the entire 20% carry guns. 

Blind reciting of mantra. Hell of a mind you adopted after birth so you never have to use your own brain again cradle to grave. Everything socially achieved isn't your fault mentality where you are free to blame everyone else acting the same way..


Long live agree to disagree with self evident results as eternally separated take place currently. Gee what is actual Eternal Hell?

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No matter what the results are, it is silly. I don't think the results are worthwhile even if the poll is accurate, which it does not seem to be.

What would be the motive to have such a poll?

Stalin died in 1952. I read a lot about Stalin, and he was crafty and ruthless,  but not  particularly heroic.

No one like Stalin will ever be up for election in this country.

Kim Jung Un ordered his uncle and his brother killed. THat was hardly heroic.  The North Koreans have not tried to sell him as a hero to anyone except Koreans.


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