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Cold Weather Is Stimulating Which Should Keep Our Brain Cells Awake, Keep The INDICTMENTS Pumping and Make News Junkies Very Happy

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The shift to colder, winter weather often makes us feel lethargic and deters our motivation to go outside. 


But before you pull over the blankets or curl up by the fire to watch your favorite show, you should consider the potential benefits of cold-weather workouts. 

Aside from helping to ease fears of potential winter weight gain, exercising outdoors in colder weather has numerous health benefits. The average winter weight gain ranges from 5-10 pounds according to Senior Director of Clinical Nutrition at Mt. Sinai.


The Hot Press Coverage overlooking indictments should provide warmth once we return from 3 miles walking outside in colder climates. Plenty of discussion as we 

go merrily along ......


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