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The Democrats Used a Chain of Surrogates, Including Russians, to Hide Their Participation

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What do you see when you turn the light on...

Cockroaches...the dems are the ones that colluded, but they used a chain of surrogates to hide their participation. 

"Even so, journalists are presumed to know their sources, not to have paid a long chain of surrogates to elicit sensational claims from perfect strangers, let alone anonymous agents of a foreign regime with a known habit of disinformation. It is impossible to exaggerate how reckless Democrats have been under this standard. If they found the Trump dossier on the sidewalk, they’d be in a better ethical position now. Let’s hear what Mr. Schiff knew and when he knew it."



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In the new spirit of non-non-disclosure, it’s time for Mr. Comey to tell us about the Russian intelligence scam that may really have changed the election outcome.

In closed hearings, he reportedly acknowledged that his intervention in the Hillary Clinton email case was prompted by what is now understood to have been planted, fake Russian intelligence. The fake Russian intelligence purported to discuss a nonexistent email between then-DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz and George Soros-employed activist Leonard Benardo."


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For all the musing and speculation, the amateur sleuthing and the six-figure reward, the breathless news reports and the vitriol-soaked commentating, no one has been able to answer two basic questions — not the police, not his friends, not his neighbors, not his co-workers.

Who killed Seth Rich? And why?"https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/seth-rich-wasnt-just-another-dc-murder-victim-he-was-a-meme-in-the-weirdest-presidential-election-of-our-times/2017/01/18/ee8e27f8-dcc0-11e6-918c-99ede3c8cafa_story.html?utm_term=.d3383a3d131e

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let me get this straight. Hillary paid a law firm to do some opposition research on dirty don. the law firm then hired gps fusion, and American company started by reporters from the conservative WSJ. fusion gps then hired a british security expert who worked for both the fbi and cia to find out what don was up to in Russia.

and this is the same thing as don's campaign colluding with Russia to steal the election????


good luck selling that to anyone but a dumbass trumpie.

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