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I am not done or undone by anything yet

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I am convinced that global climate change is the biggest threat to human beings and to all life. This makes me feel certain that all the racism, all the neglect regarding poverty matters a great deal. 

It is an existential threat to human kind like never before and in many ways it might be a godsend. Sure, we are tired of the national media, the way they treated Bernie Sanders attempt to become the president of what, the United States, not one state of mind but all states intertwined. All people. 


We have a long road before us and there is an arc to the benevolent truth regarding love and empathy towards our fellow brothers and sisters, just as MLK Jr. did say so eloquently, so many times. 

And the Democratic Party at that time did not follow him as much as they should have and yet many did. We will never lose what he valued in the human spirit. We shall fight those of us who go back and listen to his words, or to any words from history that tell us what is worth everything we have to fight for.


Scientists, poets, social workers, people who care, workers of any kind. Self reliance regarding right is might is a critical story in the history of the world that we all share today. War is not the answer, 

war is anguish, tragic, apocalyptic and wrong.


The kid runs from the police because he has some minor court ordered offense, and the police think he's bad because he's black. Someone can't afford the medicine they need, they have no money coming in, they live in a small apartment all by themselves, before that, when they could work, they worked hard in a low paying job. Life is hard, be thankful for what you got, that's what they say.


I'm not done or undone by anything yet/ and that's the truth, it's the only way I can truly think!


Neither are any of you, I sincerely do hope! So go out and do what you need to do to get yourself right. Take a long walk in the forest, study up on technology that will help change our reliance on fossil fuels, change your diet, 80 percent plant based, read, write, march, attend meetings in your city regarding climate science, learn all you can about health. 


Make friends with people and walk the talk. Become anew - it's up to you!!!






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