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impeach/treason [repub's  They now have a very unpopular president in Donald Trump. now a possibility ...bashing his own general,news,etc.He tweets and whines and have not done a single thing but draining his own swarm.he lies and bully 24/7.he cannot help himself,self absorbed.if like Comey,if he tries to fire Muiller it would merit impeachment.attack dog,buffoon,agent orange with bangs,hair color changed every hour,ring circles around his eyes like a skunk,raccoon,his color changes from pale to orange,he wants to ban immigrants,yet thats how he met his porn star wife,thats where all his businesses and buildings,towers at in other countries,yet he wants to per say [make America great,

He is gutting financial and environmental regulations, stifling science, reducing sanctions against Russia, angering allies, eliminating the separation of church and state and feuding with the press.Him and the whole family and WH under investigation,lease it took Nixon 2 yrs,this clown 6 months and is dangerous/disgusting..

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