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People love kids and people love animals; both are so cute: precious even. Nevertheless, almost everyone eats meat, and the sins of parents are routinely visited upon their children. In fact, these two seemingly moral contradictions are integral to societies about the world and are enshrined in their cultures, in their books of faith, in their laws. Such emotionally charged dilemmas plague the consciences of thinking and feeling persons everywhere, but despite their professions and best intentions to the contrary, these distinctions remain as global rules with few exceptions.


In a perfect world filled with perfect people, perhaps in Shangri-La or Heaven, all animals are likely cuddled never killed, and all children are certainly rendered harmless from their parents and then grow up to be perfect parents themselves. Until then, we flawed mortals, in an imperfect world, do the best we can as we walk many a fine line. So rise the seemingly irreconcilable controversies faced by agencies like Child Protective Services and the conundrum of feeding the masses faced by world leaders. In the final analysis, we gotta do what we gotta do so that our culture, our country, and our citizens prosper and survive; it is the cardinal rule or “prime directive” if you will. We may not like it; it may be sad but it is true; certain priorities must always supplant certain passions. And pathological compassion is certainly a disease of the mind.


When politicians attempt to massage deepest emotions to trump reason, disarm their opponents, and truncate intelligent debate, they oft plead, “it’s for the kids.” When I hear that sentence from the mouth of a politician, my skin crawls and my body hair stands on end. (Piloerection is no fun!) It reminds me of the rejected “universal excuse” we oft heard fifty years ago used to defend practically anything, “it’s against my religion.” It reminds me of the battle cry that attempts to justify the carnage of modern-day religious zealots, “Allah Akbar.”


And so it goes with the emotional but illogical and spurious arguments for illegal immigrant amnesties, free public education and social benefits for their kids, in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and the automatic naturalization of anchor babies. Parents are legally, socially, and morally responsible for what they do to their children as they are for what their minor children do. People knew what they were doing when they illegally entered our country. Parents knew what they were doing when they illegally brought their kids here or illegally came here to have their babies. Their offspring are thus their responsibilities, not ours.


Are we to elevate illegal immigrants to where they need not endure the consequences of their decisions or assume responsibility for their actions thus putting them above ethics and the law? Well, that is exactly what we are doing, and it is simply antithetical to the lessons of history, the attributes that distinguish us from lower life forms, and common sense. Illegal immigrants must take their offspring and go home. If they wish to come back, they can go through the proper channels just like everyone else. If their grown offspring, who we probably educated and fed and cared for, choose not to remain in their homelands to help their own peoples – this would seem a moral requisite – they too can legally come back to the USA. I might consider palatable an expedited process of legal return for them but only for those who were longtime US residents, speak or commit to learn English, accept the Red-White-And-Blue as their flag, have a sponsor and a place to live and a job lined up as not to be a burden, and renounce citizenship in their countries of origin to take our oath of citizenship. In other words, they must yearn to fully assimilate into America and yearn to become Americans.

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