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Perkembangan Permainan Blackjack Dari Masa ke Masa

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A one-deck game where the dealer stands at 17 gently and the player can double down afterpair splitting. Dealers shuffle cards and handled nearly 75% of them before reshuffling. This is a game of blackjack dream players and I jump to play. Three hours later and $ 500 ahead, I cashed out. situs poker online terpercaya
I played that game at Horseshoe Casino long time circa 1968 in Las Vegas. Yes, they are the golden years of blackjack. I remember staying at the posh Golden Nugget in the 1970s and 1980s and walking across the street to Binion Horseshoe playing their watering single game deck. Dealer pitched the card for the player at the time, playing a very friendly-player rule, blackjacks paid 3-2, and casino comps are easily obtainable. But slowly the blackjack game starts to change and it's not a pretty site.
First came the introduction of multi-deck games handled from dealing shoes. This method of dealing is supposedly going to stop a dead card counter in their tracks (but it does not). Casino bosses also make more money with game handled shoes because less time is spent shuffling cards. Several game decks became the norm in Vegas and not long afterwards when Atlantic City legalized casino gambling. The edge of the house goes up, of course, compared to the one deck game.
But that's not all doom and gloom. The 6- and 8-game decks have decent rules. Dealers will stand on all 17 of these, players can double down on any of the first two cards and even after the pair splits, you can also resplit the ace and some casinos even offer to give up. Once players learn basic strategy for playing new games on multiple decks (that's different from single-game decks), home edges can still be trimmed to about half a percent, not as good as a single ole deck game but still playable. Atlantic City casinos even offer early submission of their 6-deck game. This means that even if the dealer shows an ace upcard, the player can still give up his hand before the dealer peeks to see if he has a blackjack. With initial submission, the basic smart strategist has a small advantage over the casino in a 6-deck game without counting cards. But unfortunately, the early surrender soon bites the dust. And card counters ... they also found a way to get the edge in some deck games ... they just increased their betting spread and jumped me for mid-shoe games when the amount was profitable.


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