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Hey Larsen,

I don't agree with you but I want to know why you have this opinion. What do you like about this book ?

Mein Kampf is German for "mine camp" and this is a story about a group of underground workers who dig coal during the day and fight right wing trolls during the night. It is a morality tale about how shallow the nationalist mind is, and how these nationalist trolls are like little goslings looking for a King Troll to follow. That's what I liked about it but it was a few years ago that I read it.

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There are 2 books I was unable to complete...This one and 'Battlefield Earth'...I came close with the latter, but this one was completely unreadable...I tried to read it in German, but there was just no fucking way...Such tripe...

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I started reading this a couple of years ago but didn't have time to finish, even though the part I read was fascinating.


I thought it was quite interesting to get into the mind, not just of Hitler, but probably of many German nationalists of that period.


Because what the Nazis did was so comprehensively evil that only diseased minds can today say anything good about it, we tend to avoid trying to see how the world looked to proto-fascists during that period. We just dismiss it as 'evil', the way we dismiss ISIS today.


But this is wrong. If you want to understand the world, you've got to try to understand the subjective viewpoints of the players in it. The typical Nazi supporter did not think, "Ha ha ha , how can I wreak death and destruction upon the planet and cause the maximum of human suffering?"  He had genuine grievances. Not everything he said about his enemies -- Jews, intellectuals, socialists, Communists, liberals  -- was entirely false.


If you don't understand how these people thought, you'll not understand why Hitler called his party the National Socialist German Workers Party, or why the Nazi political programme stole many of the Socialists' clothes. (Leading today to the ridiculous claim by some that the Nazis were "left wing".)  Hitler was not stupid, as is evident from reading his book. Although some people act like 'intelligence' = 'virtue', that's not true.

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