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John Gibson Ban.... but they claim any caller/ any opinion

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Anybody here willing to call in to this radio show and mention on air for me that they say on their website they take any caller/ any opinion..

but in reality i'm banned.. they have banned me from the show.


I"m "bad radio" they said...

Shouldn't they at least take down this claim about any caller/ any opinion or at least be confronted about it?

I think so cuz its very dishonest.... People like me whom have actually put alot of study time into Social Science should be able to speak.

  1. Maybe people like me are right... Diversity will lead whites into a race war in future and a battle to regain a country where we can be the majority and not have other cultures values imposed on us by the mass invasion by the 3rd world the White Liberal Democrats have allowed to happen.
  2. They obvioiusly will ban anybody like me that does not go along with mass society about how great diversity is.


I never threatened anybody there etc...

I'm only banned due to my opinions...


If anybody here will help call in and confront him on this issue please Pm..


As usual.. my free speech is being banned...

cuz if u say anything negative about a minority... obviously its a rule in this world never to do that.. only if whites can u bash them though and get away with it easier.



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