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What do North Koreans think?

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When they look at how Kim Jong Un looks, what do North Koreans think?


When you look at the picture below, the NK men are slim with normal Asian haircuts. In the pictures further down, Kim Jong Un is a fat lump with a weird haircut.


In a country where some people are near starvation, this has got to make people angry, even if they're afraid to voice that anger. They need an anonymous way to make their thoughts public. Like Russia in the eighties had photocopied samizdat, and most of the world has the internet. It would be great if they could find a way to make their thoughts known freely, and to bring down their ugly regime themselves.


(It would be great if, in the next election, we could bring down our ugly regime too. I mean the Republican Congress, of course. The Orange-utan will have to wait until impeachment or 2020.)


Here's a very recent picture of North Koreans, from this web page:




Here's are pictures of Kim Jong Un:





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good question. This dude Kim Jong-un killed an uncle and a half-brother. Well, there's no other way of saying it, he needs to finally get the spanking he never got big time and I think most of them know it. He's too fat, and I don't mean, phat, anyone in NK notice that?


His teeth, look at them. He needs braces, man. When was the last time fat boy went for a jog? Do dogs like him, if he gets a dog who doesn't like him and dumb dog bites his hand, who gets to eat that dumb dead dog? That's what I would be thinking if I lived in NK.



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