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Counting backwards, do I have this right? Bhrara gets fired for being too good at his job, Flynn's was a foreign agent , his lawyer mentioned it to the Whitehouse transition team and the vice president feigns ignorance. He was the head of the transition team! Session lied about speaking with Russia while being questioned under oath to congress(A federal offense!), but let's not make a federal case out of it! After all, who'd fire Bharara if Sessions was in jail? Before that Flynn lied about what he said to a high ranking Russia official(Let's not forget, the Trump team found that out weeks before he was fired). Many, many connections with Russia, and Russia helping Trump to win, while people in the Trump camp were in contact with Russian officials. What's gonna come out this week? Bannon's really Satan wearing a moronic human mask? What the F_ck!

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It's like the New White House Follies. Every day there's some new revelation of wrongdoing. Or another outrage. Or the president tweeting or saying something unpresidential .... Like that conspiracy theory he casually let loose yesterday.

Trump claims Obamacare was 'meant to explode' in 2017 - POLITICO

3 days ago - “And it's going up a lot higher. '17 would be a disaster for Obamacare. That's the year it was meant to explode because Obama won't be here.



Or the secretary of state excluding reporters from his retinue.

Journalists outraged by Tillerson's plan to travel without press - Mar ...

3 days ago - The new secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, plans to travel to Asia next week without the traditional coterie of traveling press with him.


And the hits just keep on coming, every day, one after the other.

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