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Money-less pool: the last day of Trump's presidency.

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Oh well, I thought the house would definitely switch to Dems and hoping for a small miracle with the Senate and with enough pressure get 10 or 12 Republicans to vote their conscience and expell the vile "individual 1" from the WH. I  guess he's just gonna have to get voted out and hopefully drag a substantial amount of Republicans with him so maybe again like in 2008 we can achieve not just majorities but super majorities with please oh please President Elizabeth Warren.

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It is bizarre he got elected and even more so that he's lasted so long. We are all caught up in the time that has passed. The gross erosion of the office of the presidency, as well as the Senate, and the one political party that still thinks it got all that they always wished for. 

They got the Supreme Court. They got tax cuts for the rich. They got deregulation so that public lands can be used to drill for more fossil fuels, and more lands can be dismantled so that they can build more pipelines to transport that carbon rich green house gas into the atmosphere.


Not to mention Article One in the Mueller Report, where Trump knowingly could not ever say a damn thing negatively about Russia's meddling in our elections. What about our own democracy? 


I say, kind of like Trump in a way, leave those other countries alone. But I say it in a completely different way. Let the Iranian people change their own country. The populace there already knew that owning usable nuclear weapons made zero sense. The educated folks in Iran knew they never wanted the US to tell them what they could have, and yet they also already knew that if they did create these weapons the Saudi's would soon follow suit.


The people of Iran are smart enough on their own. 

So too are the people in China. You have to back up a bit. You have change the way you operate. You just can't build a bigger and bigger military power forever. That kind of thinking is a huge mistake. You could have talked trade with other countries involved. You possibly could have shown the Chinese government that buying up foreign currency to keep the Yuan low eventually was a bad thing for all. But to do that, you would have to remove US Corporate control over US trade policy for the people who work in both places just to live.


Not that Trump ever gave much of a thought to anything much other than his own self preservation. And that fact is the operant bizzarreness behind this money-less pool to be sure.





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