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Have you thought, 'Nobody can be as stupid or as crazy as Tump seems to be?' What if tht's literally true? Think about it! Are we and or news media paying so much attention to the clown car/train wreck the Trump administrations turned into, that we might not pay as much attention to important wold events as we should? Maybe that's the reason he's acting so irraticlly! He did fire, and do so with no advance notice, people high up in the state department aparently without bothering to replace them. Doesn't that include people whos job it is to say, give a shout out if foreign embessies are threatened, and things of that nature? While we're watching the polical equivelent of 'The Insane Clown Posy,' what's going on in the rest of the world? What's Trumps best buddy Putin up to for instance? How fu_ked up is it that! Trump has got me hoping the only thing that's wrong is that he's as stupid and crazy as he seems! I feel like I'm stuck in a badly written and depressing episode of the twilight zone!

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