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Americans Owe Putin a big thank you !!! Thank You Putin

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Agreed... Putin might HATE Obama... but so do MILLIONS of Americans...


The enemy of my SOCIALIST Enemy, is TOLERABLE !!

Yep...the left wants to ignore the content of the hacked emails...that's what actually damaged Hillary and the DNC.

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If it was the RNC the libs...well, you know. :)

but of course

We all know this is political opportunistic nonsense

The Russians the Russians


Flipped zero votes

Sorry the DNC and hrc are corrupt as fuck

Maybe they shouldn't have been corrupt

But that is off the table I guess

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thank you putin for exposing the pedophilia and corruption of podesta and clinton and the faggotry of obama so that americans would not vote for the nasty libs !!!


Thank You Putin


Fuck you Obama

^^ goat fucking traitor

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