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When feminists get what they want and kill all the men.....

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Then realize they miss the D.

I don't know if this says Meth made you a MORE paranoid nutjob....or if it says you don't know many women. maybe both?

By the way... if you mean to say DICK..... say it. You seem confused on this. Typical right wing looney. You INFER "feminist" = Lesbian (false) then that those Lesbians " want dick" ....also false.

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hahahahahaaa. Best comedy on the web. Wait until you get old, if you do. Older women way outnumber men. They want a man their age to take them anywhere. A walk is wonderful. A cocktail is grand. A Symphony is to DIE FOR. You have no clue! The husband is dead. They can cook!! They may still have the home. Kids are long gone. They are lonely for a man. Ask any single old man. i am talking about regular guys who do not chase young ass. Tons of older women.

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