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republicans don't want you to know they are accepting BRIBERY

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The first order of business of 2017 in the republican controlled congress

was to do away with ethics oversight.


The reason is so simple, even an asshole republican could understand.


Simply, the republicans don't want you or the news media or anyone

to know they are accepting BRIBERY from their rich campaign contributors

who want republicans to "conserve" the wealth, the status, the privileges

of the rich plus their sociopathic entitlement to not pay any taxes, not

obey pollution regulations, and other criminal activities of the rich.


Gee, just like hillary did not want you to know that she was accepting

million dollar bribes to her "charitable foundation" while she was secretary

of state.

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The Tramp wants to re-vamp the Intell community....and he doesn't know a thing about it, but it is proving Russia hacked the Election in his favor




Paybacks are a MF with the Tramp....Sleep Tight America, and thanks rednecks!!...you've outdone yourselves again!

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