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Remember, There Are 2 Sides To Every Story

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The family of Alton Nolen, the 30-year-old Oklahoma man who stands accused of cutting off a co-worker’s head and stabbing another, released a video apologizing to the victim’s family while defending their possibly insane kin.“My son was a good kid,” Nolen’s mother, Joyce said in an uploaded Facebook video. “I know what they saying, that he done, but I’m going to tell you this, that’s not my son. There’s two sides to every story, and we’re only hearing one.” - See more at: http://hiphopwired.com/411388/family-oklahoma-decapitator-defends-facebook-video/#sthash.NeT866zk.dpuf

There’s two sides to every story, and we’re only hearing one.”

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and you think what about this

he is fucking insane you assholes



just like Dylan roof

So, you OK with a bullet to the back of their heads & a dumpster?

OK by me.

See, there is behavior that immediately divorces someone from the human race; and once that line is crossed, we are no longer dealing with a human being.

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you are a sociopathic racist evil fuck



your brain is incomplete and cant understand normal humans

I have little concern over normal humans; since they would be the ones who fit into society. Concerning the Roofs & Nolens of this world; every breath they take & every morsel of food they eat, deprives a normal human being of oxygen & nutrition.

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