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Repeal Federal Switchblade

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My state does not allow auto knives or balisong knives. This is stupid because we allow assist opening knives which is basically an auto knife. I carry a pocket knife almost every day and have a wide variety of knives. Mostly I carry my Benchmade Griptillian. I like having the ability to open packages, boxes, small cutting tasks while I'm at work. Now I would love to have an auto knife to carry.


Understand me, carrying a knife is not a right. It should be regulated but it is annoying that things are regulated on reputation or looks. That being said this should be a states issue. Even if the federal government repeals this act, my state will most likely not make auto or balisong knives legal. The sad part is these knives are legal in a socialist state like Oregon, which is just to the south of me.


Knife Rights’ Bill to Repeal Federal Switchblade Act of 1958 Introduced in Congress


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