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Before A Society Erupts, Social Justifications Implode, loss of faith.

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The risk when building a society using possibilities rather than specific results is that sooner or later the suffix of "ity" destroys both real and human understanding of self evident results that reflect always remaining contained to the moment here, kinetically, genetically, actually, and ancestrally.


Biology vs mythology in either form of science fiction or spiritual fantasy.


academic standard and artistic illustration employing philosophy and psychology teaming up with symbolism over substance semantics, and mind context over content being self evident syllogism and economics is used as sedition and seduction into the faith anything else is possible once ancestors correct themselves emotionally picking sides with those making up the best means of denying now is physically Eternity keeping everything eternally separated now.


personal responsibility is being honest with yourself and when everyone defends a half truth everything becomes hell until humans stop or become extinct.


Choice without understanding the choices offered is a buyer beware social mandate where nobody wants to know everything about being one of a kind denying everything to become a social state of mind.





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