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With 2 tweets, TRUMP reverses GOP Mistake: Ethics Board !

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This was definitely a faceplant by the Republican House, but the media has dutifully played their usual roll, lying to the American public to help Democrats.

This was a bipartisan bill to fix an out-of-control group of unelected bureaucrats who take anonymous "suggestions" and then publicly attack Congressmen, with ZERO due process.


Liberals are simply incapable of telling the truth.

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I agree that it ( the ethics panel) was probably used for partisan purposes under Obama... everything was. HOWEVER, the "optics" were bad, and Trump saw it... with 2 tweets he reversed it.


THIS is something that can be fixed... but repealing an "ethics board", during an election cycle where "drain the swamp" was a KEY aspect... is NOT the right thing to do RIGHT out of the gate... it (the panel) could be shielded from presidential and DOJ meddling, and made into a REAL watchdog group... NOT just a means thru which to punish Republican lawmakers... which is what Obama used it for..


Bottom line, the POWER of the TWEET has been BORN !! Who needs the Propaganda Media, when you can tweet something out to 50 million people, and it leaves the politicians shaking in their boots... Wanna see Democrats OR Republicans who stand against legislation that 70% of Americans want to see passed? ONE TWEET, and I'll bet they CAVE like a cheap tent...


WHO NEEDS the "Liberal Press"?

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Seems to me Donald Trump has MORE common sense than MOST of these tone deaf Politicians... both Democrat AND Republican !!


Donald Trump, with 2 tweets, turn it BACK !!




It's really too bad DJ doesn't have any political talent or gravitas.







"Fuckin "A" Bubba."




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