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April 18, are you're u gonna pay taxes?

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As little as legally possible. It is easy to dodge taxes if you are on the long form. Dems here do not work. Their tax liability is ZERO. The working stiff who owns nothing is the taxpayer. Dems enjoy paying taxes. The money is sent to NO-COUNTS who are the dem base. Pay up and shut up.

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Todd Flanders: "Daddy, what do taxes pay for?"
Ned Flanders: "Oh, why, everything! Policemen, trees, sunshine! And let's not forget the folks who just don't feel like working, God bless 'em!"

Bart Simpson: "Didn't you wonder why you were getting checks for doing absolutely nothing?"
Grampa Simpson: "I figured because the democrats were in power again."

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I'll probably donate $8-9000 to the feds and state. The smallest tax ($50 or so), the one that REALLY pisses me off, is the business property tax. Even though I bought my furniture, computers, supply cabinets and such, and paid taxes when I purchased those, The government say's I need to pay another tax on that same property every single year for the next five years or something like that. The value of the properties goes down, so your tax on each item goes down, but as you add new things, you pay more taxes. WTF???????

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Of course I'll be paying taxes, by April 15. Only a moron intentionally has more money withheld from his check than he owes.





Immediately after ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment and passage of income-tax legislation in 1913, taxes were withheld at the source. This system provoked so much complaint from employers, however, that even the secretary of the treasury, William Gibbs McAdoo, recommended its elimination, and in 1917 Congress withdrew its authorization. After passage of the Social Security Act in 1935, the payroll taxes it authorized were collected at the source, but income taxes still were not.


Before World War II individuals who owed federal tax on their income earned in a particular year paid the tax during the following year in quarterly installments. In those days relatively few people paid income taxes. As late as 1939 fewer than four million individual returns were filed, and the filers’ total tax bill came to less than $1 billion, or less than 4 percent of their net taxable income. When so few people paid income tax and the amounts due in most cases were so small, the system of deferred payment imposed no great burden and gave rise to few taxpayer complaints.


Beginning in 1940, however, the tax burden increased enormously. As the government began to mobilize for participation in a gigantic global war, its revenue demands grew apace. Federal spending burgeoned from $9 billion in fiscal year 1940 to more than $98 billion in fiscal year 1945. Although the greater part of this spending upsurge was financed by borrowing, huge increases in tax collections also took place. In 1945, 50 million individual income-tax returns were filed, and the filers owed more than $19 billion, or almost 20 times the amount that Americans had coughed up for this tax just five years earlier.


Milton Friedman was an economist at the Treasury during the early part of the war. In his 1998 memoirs, Two Lucky People, written with his wife Rose, he observed: “It was clear to all of us at the Treasury, as we set out to multiply the amount of revenue to be collected from the personal income tax, that it would be impossible to do so unless we could develop a system to collect the taxes as the income was earned, not a year later.”



Hence the real problem.


First abolish withholding as un-constitutional seizure and then abolish the 16th amdt as un-American.





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