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Who should replace Megyn Kelly on Fox

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Greta recommended Kimberly Guilfoyle, who I also believe would be a great choice. Also saw an article that they mentioned Justice Jeanine Pirro, which I wouldn't mind. I've also thought the station should consider:


Judge Andrew Napolitano

Laura Ingraham

Herman Cain

Moving Bret Baker

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Guess who gets their 9pm time slot back? Go Hannidy.


allow me to make up something, Glenn Beck will come back. ha ha ha ha ha. Hell he may bring back that chain of command from George Soros to Valerie Jarrett with strings attached to SEIU, ACORN, whatever Van Jones becomes part in as currently is BLM after leaving SEIU training for community organizing chaos never allowing a local event not become a national crisis gone to waste.

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She was an attorney before getting into the news business, Which means she sucked as a lawyer and could only get by with her looks. Oh, runor has it, she is naturally a brunette, she became blond when changing professions.

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My aren't you the social media expert all of a sudden.. What about the expanding four dimensions of reality on cubical space?

Contracted around your radial slanted point of view from every angle you incompletely project a what if possibility.


Original movements of composing the universe here was contracting results of combining molelcular characteristics expanding into objects kinetically connected while simultaneously spaced apart here in plain sight.


Gee, if you had an ounce of instinctive curiosity alive in your brain, you would recognize why realities implode before society erupts.


edit, damn that was good.

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Fox has a whole lot of hot foxes on staff.


Never pass judgment on a sow till you grab her pussy.


That tells you everything you want to know.


As our heroic President Trump often says, "A womyn in nothing but a life support system for a pussy."


Know what we mean?

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