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Why Has Obama Not Sanctioned China for Hacking?

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China repeatedly hacked US, stole data on nukes, FBI & war plans


Chinese intelligence repeatedly targeted US national security agencies and email accounts of US officials, a soon-to-be-released report says, adding that Beijing spies targeted info on nuclear weapons, FBI investigations and war plans.

“Chinese intelligence has repeatedly infiltrated US national security entities and extracted information with serious consequences for US national security, including information on the plans and operations of US military forces and the designs of US weapons and weapons systems,” a draft annual report for 2016 said, as cited by the Washington Free Beacon.


The final version of the report of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission is to be released November 16.


The hacks allowed Beijing to gain “insight into the operation of US platforms and the operational approaches of US forces to potential contingencies in the region,” it goes on.


According to the document, China applied efforts at “cyber and human infiltration” of national security sectors, including the FBI and the US Pacific Command. The report says that Washington “faces a large and growing threat to its national security from Chinese intelligence collection operations.”


Why are liberals so irate over Russia "hacking" Podesta's emails, but ignore actual breeches that affect national security?


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