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Trumpy STILL Picking-And-Choosing Family-Favorite$??

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"THANK$, DADDY!!!!!"

January 3, 2017

"President-elect Donald Trump reiterated Tuesday his threat to impose punitive new tariffs on imports, singling out General Motors for assembling some of its Chevrolet Cruze models in Mexico and selling them in the United States.

Trump had previously slammed rival automaker Ford for manufacturing some of its vehicles south of the border.

The decision to produce the newly announced cars in the U.S. was made recently and without consulting people connected to Trump, Hinrichs said. Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford shared the news with Trump in a phone call Tuesday morning, though the details of that call were not immediately available. Fields told Fox Business News that Trump seemed pleased with the announcement.

Trump’s tweet Tuesday about GM does not make clear whether he is calling for a targeted tax to punish individual companies that shift production out of the United States or for a blanket tariff on imports. Trump has repeatedly said he would slap a 35 percent tariff on Mexican products, but there is no framework for a broad-based border tax in his proposal to overhaul the corporate tax code."


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It's hilarious to watch the liberal media trying to remove credit from Trump for bringing these jobs back to Michigan.

I don't know which is funnier, how scared liberals are that Trump is going to ruin the country, or how scared they are that he'll fix everything they've fucked up.

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