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How Desperate Are They?

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The system is flipping out

They are throwing everything they can at trump

They are running out of time

They couldn't keep the nomination away

They couldn't get the electoral college to vote for hrc

Their propaganda is failing

The Globalists are panicked

Are they desperate enough to take a shot at the Donald?

I think they are

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and if it was up to you native...we would have had palin in the WH



a BIG THANKS to all you really really smart republiKans!!


Where did I say I supported Palin?

Where have I said I'm a Republican or vote GOP?

I didn't even vote Trump

Benson, are you lying and making shit up again?

Sorry slugger, I'm a liberal

Not to be confused with a leftist like you

BTW if I had my way we would have had Ron Paul or Dennis kucinich in office and we wouldn't be all fucked up

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