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Is Putin trying to Divide the Country?

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It's no secret that Americans get very emotional over presidential elections. Knowing that, Putin's hackers could have planted enough doubt to weaken Trump's presidency by the appearance of collusion.


I doubt that the hackers actually changed the final outcome but that may not have been their goal.


Just a thought.

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The current sanctions against Russia are clearly a thorn in Putin's side. Of course, he wants the US to be divided. I[=Of course he wants the US to have a rough time of it .

Russians have a falling life expectancy.They make little money from the things they make. Most of their income comes from nonrenewable resources, oil and gas.

Sanctions make Putin look weak. He prefers to look STRONG.

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Russia did hack Hillary's and the DNC servers but they are not responsible for giving them to Assange. It's our own American son's and daughter's who have done the hacking and sent them to Assange. They also hacked Hillary's state dept shit but Obama sent his goons over to talk to Assange and told him that if he released that info, he'ld be a dead man. Following Snowden's footsteps, whether right or wrong, they have brought light on the political corruption of this country. Look for hacker forum sites and you will see what is actually going on behind the scenes. Or don't and continue to be a lemming.

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Divide and Conquer ..Then step in and clean up the stragglers. Cheap and efficient..I said before "Well played Putin"


They are tinkering with our electrical grid too..easy easy target and can bring us to our knees fast. I once again recommend you watch the news show called CyberWars...very very insightful of what a cluster fark we are facing.


Assage hates Hillary because she fucked with him :P


I personally think we need hackers to peel back the curtains from time to time.


If you don't want to get hacked step up your game.

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