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Tramps wife posing with Thong, Boots & Gun

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BEAUTIFUL HOT WOMEN are a trademark of the Republicans.


All your side has is a bunch of fat, fugly, hags with hairy armpits.


It must really suck being as envious as you are.




benson is a world class hand wringer. lol

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yeah you cons are sexist like muslims

I have more faith in maternal instinct than you do.



Steelfoot it would be nice if a few ladies would hang out here and not have to put up with your vile poop

explain slick willie since its us cons

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ain't it funny how the board queer benny gets upset and calls people racist if they say something about the kenyan clown and his husband but the low info coward has said Laura Bush had downs syndrome, made fun of her children, called Sarah Palin names and made fun of her children and now the board loser is attacking Trumps wife. The boy is a true pieceofshitcrat!

is that you again Junior KKK Samples?

and look the board queer and uninformed willful idiot has me on ignore and yet he still replies. He is a coward and stupid. LMAO

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This is the reason you are a daily communist authoritarian, not an American liberal and you should not claim that you are a democrat or a republican but just have some of the smallest courage and join the actual communist party etc.


Back in the 1950s things were different but now that you have worked overtime to make change the change is only for a very restrictive groupie group. Real liberals are people who make laws for each individual without classing grouping and propaganda manipulation for the purpose of tribal war degradation etc.

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The party that likes to tell everyone they are the party of "Morals & Values"



LMAO....I love it!!

I thought "libs" were tolerant?

BTW she looks good, better than any other 1st lady....ever

Jealousy is a weird emotion

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