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"Businessman" Bibi; BUSTED??!!!!

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December 28, 2016

"Israel's attorney-general has ordered police to open a criminal investigation in two unspecified matters involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Channel 10 television said on Wednesday.


A Justice Ministry spokeswoman said in a statement that checks in the matter "are still ongoing and this is neither confirmation or denial of what has been alleged".


"The attorney-general, the police and prosecutors are working in close cooperation and a public announcement will be made in due course about the investigation," she said.


There was no immediate response from Netanyahu's office to a Reuters query on the report.


Netanyahu has in the past denied wrongdoing in the purchase of submarines from Germany, where media have reported a potential conflict of interest involving his lawyer.


The Channel 10 report said Attorney-General Avihai Mandelblit had authorized police to question Netanyahu under caution, and that a date for the interrogation would be set in the coming days.


It said the more serious of the two cases that Mandelblit had been examining had not yet leaked out to the public."



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Bibi is innocent of all charges......


December 30, 2016


"The Israeli prime minister faced conflict of interest allegations last month after media reports that his cousin and legal counsel David Shimron had represented a German company, ThyssenKrupp, which sold three submarines to Israel, costing around $1.5 billion. Both Netanyahu and Shimron have denied any wrongdoing.


Earlier in 2016, Netanyahu was accused of receiving $1.1 million from convicted French fraudster Arnaud Mimran, who is currently serving eight years in prison. Mimran said at his trial in June that he donated the money to the Israeli leader for the 2009 election campaign. Netanayhu denied the claim, but admitted to accepting $40,000 from Mimran."





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