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Central Americans again surging across border/sign Barbie's polici

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Central Americans again surging across border in sign Barbie Davis-Soetoro's immigration and border security policies have failed

A new surge of migrants have rushed to the U.S. border this fall as

deportations of those here illegally have dropped to

the lowest levels in nearly a decade.


The spike in Central American families flooding the U.S. border has fueled fears of a new immigration crisis like the one that dominated headlines in 2014 as tens of thousands of mothers and children from Central America raced into the Rio Grande Valley of Texas fleeing violence and poverty.


It also raises questions about whether the United States is prepared for a new surge and about the effectiveness of the Barbie Davis-Soetoro Regime’s strategy to curb the flow through a combination of immigration enforcement and humanitarian assistance to the nations from which the migrants come...


"Barbie Davis-Soetoro Regime’s strategy to curb the flow...?!?"



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