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CNN Back At it: Fake News About Russia Closing American School


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Russia: West spreads ‘fake news’ about American school closure

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denied authorities closed an American school in Moscow in retaliation for U.S. sanctions, and accused Western media of spreading fake news.
“Apparently, the White House has totally lost it and is starting to invent sanctions against their own children,” Zakharova said in a post on Facebook. “It is a lie.”

CNN reported on Thursday that Russian authorities would close the Anglo-American School of Moscow. The move was said to be a response to sanctions against Russian individuals and entities by President Barack Obama on Thursday in retaliation for alleged election-season hacks.

“The TV channel CNN and other U.S. [and Western] media have again, quoting American official sources, spread false information.”



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LOL, Putin is playing rightwingers like sex dolls. :)


Why on Earth would you believe anything Russian authorities say? Especially a day after they admitted to and then retracted their admission of state-sponsored athletic doping?


If I were Putin, of course I would spread a story about closing a school for poor little American children and then not actually close it so that I can discredit my enemies. Warfare 101.


Think, ya dumbfucks. Your naivete is astounding :)

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