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Why were the rednecks talking food stamps yesterday???

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Because Foxaganda for Idiots was...



It’s widely assumed that congressional Republicans, working with a Republican White House, will go after social-insurance programs with a vengeance next year, and the most economically vulnerable Americans are likely to face new hardships. GOP allies know that the public might be more tolerant of drastic cuts if the public distrusts the public programs themselves.

And with that in mind, Fox News ran a curious report this week.
Food stamp fraud is at an all-time high, with cases this year including a state lawmaker and even a millionaire.

According to the USDA, $70 million of taxpayer money was wasted in 2016 due to food stamp fraud.

On Twitter, Fox News asked, “Food stamp fraud at all-time high: Is it time to end the program?”

Taking the report at face value, the question is bizarre. The federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, generally known as food stamps, is a nearly $71 billion program. If $70 million helps provide food for people who shouldn’t receive assistance, that’s 0.09% of the overall budget. In other words, according to Fox’s report, 99.91% of the money Washington spends on food stamps is spent appropriately. That’s an amazingly successful program.

What’s more, if we continue to take Fox’s report at face value, since when do we “end” public programs in reaction to tiny amounts of fraud? If someone found 0.09% of misspent money in the Pentagon budget, wouldn’t it be silly to say we should scrap the Defense Department?

But here’s the best part: there’s no reason at all to take Fox’s report at face value.

As Ari Melber noted on last night’s show, Fox sourced the Agriculture Department, but the Agriculture Department hasn’t put out any new information about fraud. When we called the agency yesterday, department officials said they didn’t know where Fox came up with the figure.

What’s more, the claim that food-stamp fraud is “at an all-time high” also appears to be incorrect, and the evidence suggests fraud in the system is far less common than it was in years past.

So we’re left with a Fox report that got every relevant detail wrong. As for why the network made this mistake, one can only speculate, but don’t be too surprised if Republicans try to slash food assistance to low-income families next year, citing this Fox report to bolster their plans.
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I'll try to explain something to you...


No government agency will ever admit they are overrun by fraud and it's an all time high...


It opens the door for an congressional over sight committee and shows their incompetence...


Instead they answer..."Gee....not sure where they got that report about us.."


Food stamps enrollees have skyrocketed under Obama up to 46 million.....That's up about 15 million more people.

It's loaded with fraud and abusive.


The program actually awards people for not working more even when they are offered it.


One out of eight people (and closer to seven) are on food stamps.

The program is loaded with fraud and abuse

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MAYBE if obama hadn't tried to get everyone on welfare and foodstamp dependency, this wouldn't be an issue.


It STARTS with REAL FULL TIME JOBS, which obama has created very few of since his entire agenda has been to punish businesses that actually PROVIDE those jobs. obamacare, EPA regs, Labor regs, you can write the list for days- ALL contribute to the WORST economy this nation has ever had that results in jobs.


INCOMES are DECLINING and NOT growing. Manufacturing is in the shitter, and more companies LEFT this nation than opened new operations.


But these demorrhoids don't want to talk about that. They are more interested in talking about a "tiny bit of fraud" instead of working on getting people BACK TO WORK where they don't NEED foodstamps.

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wait until you see the next republiKan recession/depression....its going to be a Whopper!

In other words..


Obama created 15 million more jobs...


And there's 15 million more on food stamps...



And you're talking about the republican depression?

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wait until you see the next republiKan recession/depression....its going to be a Whopper!

in case you missed it moochercrat benny it was predicted already! Read the facts. All recessions were caused by democraps failed policies. Educated people know this but then again you are known as the board idiot so it is what it is.


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Food stamp abuse is rampant. 9000 able bodied men were kicked off the dole in Maine. Requirements to get food stamps were instituted. School, community service, or actually looking for a job were some of the requirements. The Peoples Comm. of Mass. has to be the best place for food stamp fraud in the nation. A supermarket in Worcester was convicted of a fraud that brought in 1 MILLION dollars. When minimum wages went up in Cal. food stamp recipients wanted less hours at work so they could still get food stamps. Abuse is rampant. Part time service sector jobs were the majority of jobs created under oblameo. ACA caused that along with minimum wage requirements. oblameo economic policy has held the GDP back. Trump all the way.

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