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What has Zarho ever done for America

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Tell the ultraliberals they are being lied to !


...he connects with every part of his audience akin to Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King.


While Obama is thee Great American Orator of modern times, a tour de force when it comes to speech giving...who reaches his listeners with a very rare quality that has raised the bar for future presidents who will need the body language, the pauses and punctuation in a voice that shows an unshakable grasp of the facts and details the way Obama shows his strong, fatherly presence and extraordinary charisma and levels of charm, wit and personality and just way he underscore a key sentence leaves us breathless feeling the lyricism in his rock concerts like speaking events that astonish crowds who can share his vision in a broad strokes rather in a boring detail that can even rasie goosebumps of those on thier death bed with his preternatural sense of calm and with his textbook perfect posture he connects with every part of his audience akin to Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King.


http://weaselzippers.us/190559-video-obama-says-uh-more-than-140-times-during-iraq-press-conference/ 140 UHs in a minute and a half from the great orator.






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