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On Second Thought Repealing Obamacare Might Not Be So Bad Afterall


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Studies are finding that repealing Obamacare will unleash a healthcare catastrophe on the very same people who voted for Donald Trump.

The Wall Street Journal highlighted the findings of a Gallup/American Communities Project survey, “Swaths of largely rural Graying America, Rural Middle America and Working Class Country counties make up large parts of Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the states that led to Mr. Trump’s victory.”

Trump won with working class country voters by 46 points. He won with graying American voters by 22 points. He won evangelical hubs by 51 points. Those three groups made up a 16.9% growth in the insured rate due to the ACA.

The LA Times noted that 4 of the 5 states that receive the most subsidies (North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and Georgia) were won by Trump. Florida alone will lose $5.2 billion in ACA subsidies.

These numbers aren’t including the disaster that is set to occur in states that Donald Trump won if Republicans immediately kill the Medicaid expansion subsidies to the states.

A 2009 study found that 45,000 annual deaths in the United States were linked to a lack of affordable healthcare before the ACA.

Those numbers can be expected to return or reach even higher levels if the ACA is repealed, and the political problem for Republicans is that the areas that are likely to be the hardest hit are those that were carried by Trump in 2016.

It appears that voters who supported Donald Trump may have unwittingly cast a ballot for their own demise.

The choice to believe that a law that was benefiting them was a bad could unleash a healthcare crisis in red states that could annually cost Trump voters or their loved ones their lives.

A healthcare crisis is coming and may end up doing the most damage to the people chose to vote for Donald Trump on election day.

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I didn't know illegals voted for Trump. Get rid of that shit law. We can buy insurance without Obamacare.

I doubt Tramp will veto anything thy do.


Because Trump has shown he greatly fears creating controversy or doing anything which upsets the establishment. LOL!

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liberals think forcing someone to purchase healthcare they can't afford to use, because of the high co-pays and deductibles, is somehow a victory for the people forced to buy insurance.

It's amazing these morons can remember to breathe without being reminded.

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